J O H N  G O


who I am

I am Filipino-Chinese with roots going back to Fujian, China. Born and growing up in Manila, Philippines, I have learned to appreciate the different cultures that identified me. I'm a Permanent Resident of Hong Kong with years of experience creating products and campaigns in video form for non-government organizations and advocates and on my own YouTube channels. 

Starting a food and travel channel in 2015, I shared my experiences by capturing them on videos as I discovered new places. Just Go John now has over 135,000 views and growing. Making videos and creating content is one I realized through the love of learning new experiences and sharing them with the world. Content is about the stories told, not about the equipment used.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, majoring in Industrial Design, designing anything from home decor to toys. I took on an MBA Marketing program to complement my creative skills to create strategic campaigns for the target market. Creativity has always been a big part of my work, and combining it with marketing knowledge creates well-rounded projects I know I will be proud of.