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Shopping Mall Reels

Concept, Editing

Dragon Centre Mall social media and in-mall screens.

Halloween Ice Skating

Event Highlights

Christmas Orchestra

Event Highlights

Eric Claw Machine

A new claw machine opened in Dragon Centre. It's fun and plenty of prizes for you. At only 5 HKD per game, there's no reason not to play!

Japanese Ramen

An affordable authentic Japanese ramen has opened. Great tasting noodles that won't hurt your wallet.

Dance Competition Event Highlight

Jollibee in Dragon Centre Promo Reel

When Jollibee opened in Dragon Centre Mall, I created this social media reel to announce to its followers that the restaurant giant is now in Dragon Centre, featuring their breakfast offers. I animated the Dragon Bites logo on AE.

Momo Nepali Dumpling Promo Reel

A new takeaway restaurant opened in Dragon Centre. To promote them, I made this reel and targeted Nepalese people living in Hong Kong to create a strong circle of fans.  I also targeted foodies and travelers in Hong Kong who are most likely to be interested in trying the new restaurant. I animated the Dragon Bites logo on AE.

Valentine's Day at Dragon Centre

To celebrate Valentine's Day, we took random couples inside the mall to play a game with us. They get prizes just for playing.  There are more who did not make the video but enjoyed playing the game.

Sing-Hainanese Feature Reel

This is one of the famous shops on the 8th floor specializing Hainan style chicken. I animated the Dragon Bites logo on AE.

Cotton Candy Machine

This video became one of the most viewed and bookmarked on Dragon Centre Instagram. I animated the Dragon Bites logo on AE.


Feature Video

Craft Lah is a store offering same-day delivery service for Hong Kong craft beers.

Outfit of the Week Reels

Reel to promote the smaller clothing shops in Dragon Centre

Mother's Day

Interview with Purple

In one of the mall events, Purple interviewed a few mall-goers.


Greeting Post

Christmas greeting post from Dragon Centre

DC Market Mirror Merch Reel

Riding on the popularity of MIRROR, I created this reel to create buzz for a market hall in Dragon Centre. I animated the Dragon Sights logo on AE.

La Donald Japanese Udon

A social media reel to promote a then newly-opened udon joint in the mall. I animated the Dragon Bites logo on AE.

WASH Instruction Video

Wash has more than 10 locations all over Hong Kong known for lower-priced DIY laundry rates.  This video is being played in the shops to show how to use the machines.

Hana Soft Cream Reel

One of the gems in the mall, we created this reel to reach more potential ice cream lovers in Hong Kong. I animated the Dragon Bites logo on AE.

KPOP Store Reel

A reel to capitalize on the popularity of KPop to entice more shoppers to visit the mall. The store gets a lot of foot traffic.

Apple Mall Concept Shops

Marketing video showing the store possibilities for Apple Mall rentals