Brands Video

Yamaha SeaScooter Instructional Video

Video to show how to operate SeaScooter for both B2B buyers and consumers. The video was filmed in a two-light setup and took about 3 hours to film. I helped direct and is the demo model for the video.

Apartment O

Apartment O offers an unparalleled living experience, where serious style meets complete convenience in the form of a vintage-style premier serviced apartments that take you back to the elegance and charm of 1930s Hong Kong and Shanghai. 

Michael Jackson THRILLER Cover MV

rThe Harmonics HK Choir needed to be visible for its community in the pandemic. We conceptualized a music video for the choir to be able to perform, and reach new audiences. This music video is a milestone for the choir, being the first music video production for the choir with over 50 members participating on and off  camera. My roles for this video were Second Director, Camera, Graphics and editor.