Video Portfolio

Earlier Works

'Thriller' Music Video

Second Director, Camera, Graphics, Editor

The Harmonics HK Choir needed to be visible for its community in the pandemic. We conceptualized a music video for the choir to be able to perform, and reach new audiences. This music video is a milestone for the choir, being the first music video production for the choir with over 50 members participating on and off camera.

The Harmonics Recruitment Campaign

Concept, Camera, Editor

A series of videos introducing the choir members to the public to give them an idea of how it is like to be with The Harmonics HK Choir. The campaign was a huge success, recruiting new members to the full capacity of the choir.  

Centre for Heritage Art & Textile x The Harmonics Choir HK

Concept, Editing, & Direction

The Harmonics Choir HK performed at the Centre for Heritage Art & Textile (CHAT) in The Mills located in Tsuen Wan HK. CHAT features artists and performers to showcase non-mainstream talent to Hong Kong audience. The Harmonics Choir HK performed five songs including Ingazi Lemvana. 

Yamaha SeaScooter Instructional Video

Director, Model

Video to show how to operate SeaScooter for both B2B buyers and consumers. The video was filmed in a two-light setup and took about 3 hours to film.

Inspiring Change Through  Education

Solo Production

I interviewed Dr. Brenda Rodriguez Alegre, a lecturer at the University of Hong Kong teaching Gender Studies. She talked about the challenges and misconceptions of being a transgender woman, and her advocacy in the LGBTQ+ community. Brenda hopes of a more visible, and supported queer community in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong to Macau Bus Guide

Solo Production

Ferries were the main mode of transportation between Hong Kong and Macau. In this video, I showed my audience the experience and how to get to Macau by bus through the HKZM Bridge.